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Career coaching is extremely important for working professionals as they journey through their paths and aim towards achieving career goals. Whether you are looking for a start, an advancement or transition in your career, engaging a qualified career coach is one of the best decisions you can make!

BAAS & Associates can provide customized solutions to working professionals.  With almost five decades of working experience, we understand how to navigate organizational landscape as well as support career transitions through many phases of life.


How Our Clients Feel About Us

“I have been working with Bola Adeshina for over a decade regarding my career. When I relocated to the United States, I was faced with the challenge of choosing an appropriate career path as well as finding a suitable job with my skillset. Bola helped me, not only to find a job that took care of my immediate employment needs, but she guided and mentored me to further my education in a field that complimented my skills set and educational background from my home country. Upon completion of my education in the United States, I have successfully navigated employment opportunities with several companies in my field over the years. Presently, I run a successful construction business in Texas, and I can confidently attribute our success to the partnership and support from BAAS & Associates.”

Bernard A., President and CEO, Construction Industry

“I had been job hunting for over 5 years. Getting a better and more rewarding job became a daunting task for me. I didn’t know what else to do as I had exhausted all options and I became frustrated. BAAS & Associates did everything for me – resume writing, job search strategies, interview preparation and offer negotiations. The coaching I got boosted my confidence and they encouraged me every step of the way. The best part was that I could trust them completely with their skills and coaching style/methodology. With their help, I got my dream job in less than 3 months. My decision to sign up with them was definitely worthwhile. I owe a lot of thanks to BAAS & Associates, they are the absolute best!!!”

Wumi A., Accounting Manager, Manufacturing Industry

“I reached out to Angela Senegal last year for assistance with my resume and how to sell myself better in interviews. The resume writing and interview preparation tips I got made a big impact. With her help, I finally started getting more responses from my applications which led to more interviews and I finally landed a great job working with Google.”

Camille C., IT Analyst, Technology Industry

“I needed to make mid-career transitions to get advancement opportunities and Bola was referred to me by a co-worker. Her career coaching has been extremely beneficial. She provided a listening ear and sound guidance during moments of uncertainty. Bola proposed alternate, but diplomatic avenues to obtain successful outcomes in challenging circumstances. Her recommendations unlocked paths that may have otherwise been unattainable for desired career transitions. I recommend Bola's services to anyone at any career level.”

Juanita P., Senior Project Analyst, Oil & Gas Industry

“I have worked with Angela Senegal over the last fifteen years for my professional advancement in the oil and gas industry. Her expertise in human resources and career development techniques has yielded three upward movements in my career. I highly recommend Angela Senegal for all of your professional career needs.”

Roderick G., Senior Supply Chain Specialist, Oil & Gas Industry

“Bola has been such an incredible resource to me over the years. Our relationship started out with mentoring. I relied on her for career advice and felt any guidance she provided was well thought out and uniquely tailored to my situation. Over the years, Bola has taken the time to listen, support and guide me through my career. It is rare in the professional industry (especially oil & gas) to find black female mentors. She was a key in each of my job changes and even career shift out of oil & gas. I always feel like I’m in capable hands with Bola. At her core, Bola is kind and truly wants to help people advance, something I'm sure everyone has sensed within minutes of meeting her. Also, note that she won't sugar coat! You can expect full honesty which is what you'll need throughout this process. I am very pleased with the career coaching and plan to use her services for a long time.”

Yasmin H., Engineering Project Manager, Utilities Industry

“Angela Senegal is a great career coach. Our coaching relationship began over five years ago to include assistance with resume writing, interview preparation, and career guidance. I was able to change careers after working as a supervisor in the shipping industry for over nine years. This change afforded me significant salary increase and my life has improved dramatically. I now have a career I love and enjoy with the compensation I deserve. I am so appreciative of all of the services she offered to get me to exactly where I want to be.”

Jeremy S., Supervisor, Manufacturing Industry

“I worked with BAAS & Associates to identify my career path. We worked together to develop my professional brand and I pursued opportunities that could allow me to leverage my strengths. I have since advanced from an individual contributor role to management. I will recommend the services of BAAS & Associates to working professionals in any industry.”

Deven A., Manager, Finance Industry

"I’ve had a direct working relationship with Bola Adeshina for over 6 years. Bola was instrumental in helping me achieve my professional development goals through advocacy and coaching. She continues to provide ongoing support to ensure I am well positioned for advancement opportunities and achieving the professional goals I have set up for myself.”

Cecilia C., Senior Engineer, Oil & Gas Industry

“Angela Senegal has been a consistent go-to-person in my life for solid advice and guidance. The coaching relationship started my freshman year of college when I was explaining to her my grand ideas of what I wanted in a career. She used her vast human resources experience to guide me to discover an amazing path. I was able to obtain some great internships along the way and I have clear direction for the workforce. Now in my senior year and her advice has been invaluable and I look forward to a great career in the supply chain industry.”

Gabriel T., Senior at Louisiana Tech


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